Program Evaluation

“Evaluation of the Primary Health Care Program in the City of Buenos Aires”

Center for the Study of State and Society (CEDES).
September 2006 – February 2007.

“Financial Resources Allocated to Health Research in Argentina. Strenghtening the Forum for Health Research in Argentina. The 10/90 Gap”

Pan American Health Organization.
December 2005 – March 2007.
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“Determinants of Inmmunization Coverage Financing Mechanisms and Costs. Study of the National Inmunization Program in Paraguay”

World Bank.
November 2004 – December 2005.

“Comportamiento Estratégico en el Mercado Argentino de AFJP”

Investigador Principal, Superintendencia de AFJP – Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad de Buenos Aires.
Septiembre – Diciembre 2004.

Public Contracting of NGOs in El Salvador

Investigador Principal, PHR Plus.
Mayo – Octubre 2004.

“Effectiveness in the Implementation of Health Programs in Latin America. The Pharmaceutical Remediar Program in Argentina”

Inter-American Development Bank – Oversight Division.
December 2003 – December 2004.
abstract | executive abstract

“Equity Gap, Decentralization and the Strategy for Poverty Reduction in Bolivia”

Inter American Development Bank, Office of the Country Economist.
November 2002 – August 2003.

“Bolivia: Organization of the Social Security Institutions. Notes for a Monitoring and Evaluation Methodology”

Inter-American Development Bank, Social Sectors Strategy Department.
November 2001 – January 2002.

“Cost and Effectiveness Indicators. PROMIN (Maternal and Child Program)”

Ministry of Health, Argentina.
April – June 2000.

“Costing of a Basic Package of Health Care Services. A Methodology for the Dominican Republic”

George Washington University.
January – April 2000.

“Analysis of International Mechanisms Supporting Immunization Programs: The Pan American Health Organization Revolving Fund”

Abt Associates – GAVI Financing Task Force. Bethesda, MD, USA.
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“Health Care Reform in Rwanda: Social Insurance and Provider Payment Mechanisms”

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“Monitoring and Evaluation: Indicators Design in the Honduras’ Health Care Reform”

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“Evaluating the Argentine Program devoted to the Prevention and Early Detection of the Colorectal Cancer”

proposal abstract

“Evaluating the Program devoted to Prevent the Cervix-Uterus Cancer. The Case of the Province of Tucumán, Argentina”

proposal abstract

“Social Security Institutions and their Discount Policies on Pharmaceuticals”

project abstract