Pharmaceutical Sector

“Consumption Patterns, Market Characteristics and Regulation in the Pharmaceutical Industry.Evidence from two Therapeutic Groups in Insured Populatio”

Consultor, Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud. Ministerio de Salud, Argentina.
Julio 2010-Marzo 2011.

“Public Production of Pharmaceuticals. Evaluating an Intervention Strategy”

Multicentric Collaborative Study (Coordinator). Ramón Carrillo–Arturo Oñativia Fellowship, Health Research Comission, Ministry of Health, Argentine Government.
May 2009 – August 2010

“The Central America Pharmaceutical Market. Policy Debate”

The World Bank.
December 2009 – June 2010.

“Effectiveness in the Implementation of Health Programs in Latin America. The Pharmaceutical Remediar Program in Argentina”

Inter-American Development Bank – Oversight Division.
December 2003 – December 2004.
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“International Prices in Pharmaceuticals, Retail Trade, Regulatory Framework and Social Security’s Discounts”

proposal abstract

“Social Security Institutions and their Discount Policies on Pharmaceuticals”

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