Concluded research

“Building an Agenda for Children in Health”

2008 – 2010.

“Strategic Alliances for Health System Development in Alderetes, Tucumán”

Inter-American Foundation (IAF)
2008 – 2010.

“The Central America Pharmaceutical Market. Policy Debate”

The World Bank.
December 2009 – June 2010.

“Economies of Scale and the Estimation of Cost Functions in Latin American Pension Markets”

2009 – 2010.

“Regulation and Productivity in the Latin American Retail Market”

Inter American Development Bank (IADB).
February 2009 – May 2009.

“Nutritional Strategies in Argentina”

Inter-American Development Bank.
April 2009 – January 2010.

“Ex-ante Evaluation United Nations Program for Development (UNDP)”

FEAPS Program, Ministry of Health of the Nation, Argentina. United Nations Program for Development (UNDP).
March – April 2009.

“Results-Based Financing, Primary Health Care Program in Panama”

World Bank.
June – August 2009.

“Evaluating a Basic Package of Primary Health Care Services in Panama”

World Bank. Panama.
March – April 2008.

“Public Funding for Health Research. A Latin American Comparison”

(Coordinator), Global Forum for Health Research.
July 2008 – March 2009.
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“Costs Analysis of the Program on Integrated Care on HIV/Aids: Truckers from the National Route 11 in Argentina”

The World Bank.
April 2008 – May 2008.

“Catastrophic Health Events: Patients Bahavior and Medical Referrals in the Argentine North West”

Ministry of Health, Argentina.
July-December 2007.

“Social Development and Public-Private Partnerships: A Microdata Evaluation of the PROAME Social Program in Argentina”

OVE-Inter American Development Bank,
August 2007 – March 2008.

“Distribution of Federal Taxes, Provintial Expenditures and the Financial Gap in Health Care”

The Case of Buenos Aires. Argentina. World Bank.
August 2007 – March 2008.

“Supporting Policy Decision Making at the Municipal Level. Youth Health Perception and Priority Setting in Argentina”

Fundación Quilmes.
September 2007-September 2008.

“Local Health Systems in Argentina: Social Insurance, Contracting Methods and Payment Mechanisms”

Multicentric Collaborative Study (Coordinator). Ramón Carrillo – Arturo Oñativia Fellowship, Health Research Comission, Ministry of Health, Argentine Government.
May 2007 – August 2008.

“Health Expenditures in Argentina”

Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth, (CIPPEC) – Merck, Sharp & Dhome.

“Federal Taxes, Coparticipation Law, and the Health Equity Gap in Argentina”

Center for the Implementation of Public Policies Promoting Equity and Growth. Argentina.
December 2006-December 2007.

“Private Pension Systems in Latin America: A Comparative Study”

(Coordinator). Inter-American Development Bank.
December 2006 – March 2008.

“Evaluating Public Health Insurance. The Case of Buenos Aires Province”

Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development. Global Development Network (GDN).
March 2006 – November 2007.