Concluded research

“Applied System Thinking Case Study on Urban Settings: joining up Transport, Environment and Physical Activity. The Case of Buenos Aires City.”

Alliance for Health Systems Research – World Health Organization. January-July 2021.

”Analyzing the Global Impact of COVID-19”

Foundation for the Argentinean Development (FUNDAR), August 2020 – March 2021.

“Healthy Food Systems in Argentina: consumption patterns and public policy desing to enhance healthy behavior”

International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada. Proyect Leader. January 2018-March 2021.

“Challenges to reach Universal Health Coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean”

Health and Social Protection Division, Inter-American Development Bank, July-December 2020.

”Argentina facing COVID-19. Policy Interventions and Future Challenges”

Foundation for the Argentinean Development (FUNDAR), August 2020 – March 2021.

“Subnational strategies to manage the COVID-19 pandemia. The experience of Argentina”

Foundation for the Argentinean Development (FUNDAR) and Center for the Study of State and Society, May-November 2020.

“Conectarnos para cuidarnos”

Development and dissemination of on-line free-of-charge contact tracing course facing COVID-19 in Argentina” (

“Technical assistance to develop, implement and follow-up a contact tracing strategy facing COVID-19 pandemia in the province of Chaco, Argentina”

Foundation for the Argentinean Development (FUNDAR) and Fundación Huésped, July-December 2020.

“Analyzing Provider Payment Mechanisms in Belize. Learnings for the National Health Insurance”

Consultant. Pan American Health Organization. March 2019-October 2020.

“Enhancing Health Care Quality in Maternal Services for Indigenous Population. The Cases of Argentina, Mexico and Peru”

Principal Researcher for Argentina, International Development Research Center (IDRC), Canadá. January 2016- January 2020.

Cuidado eficaz, percepción de calidad, y la respuesta del sistema público a las necesidades de la población originaria en América Latina

project abstract

Social Protection in Latin America: Evolution, Recent Reforms and Perspectives

project abstract

“Burden of Disease, Financial Protection and Behavioral Responses. Chronic Illnesses in Argentina”

project abstract

“An evidence base for policies to reduce SSB consumption”

project abstract

“Conditional Cash Transfers devoted to Improve Access to Maternal Services in Argentina. Impact Analysis”

project abstract

“Network Colorectal Cancer Care in Argentina: Structure, Processes and Results”

project abstract

“Distribution of Health Outcomes in Children Adolescents in Latin America, and the reduction of the equity gap”

project abstract

“Effective Care, Quality Perceptions, and the Public System Response to the Needs of Indigenous Population Groups in Latin America. An Equity Perspective from Argentina”

project abstract

“Health Care Network Assessment in Perinatal and Adolescent Care. Evidence from two Argentine Provinces under the implementation of the Sumar Program”

project abstract

“Stakeholder Analysis and Institutional Strengthening of the Argentine Health Program SUMAR”

project abstract