Academic honors

Prizes, Research Grants and Scholarships Funds to participate in conferences


Member of the Consulting Scientific Committee on Health Equity,

World Health Organization, Geneva. 2009-2011

Member of the Editorial Council,

Revista del Instituto para la Capacitación Profesional. Fortaleza, Brasil. Since 2008

Member of the Regional Committee,

iHEA, International Health Economics Association. 2007-2009.

Member of the Scientifc Committee,

FISA, Argentine Forum on Health Research, [10/90 Gap, Argentine Chapter]. 2005-2010

Ex Director Health Care Program, Sociel Development Department,

CIPPEC, Center for the Implementation of Public Policies promoting Equity and Growth, Argentina. 2004–2011.

Meber of the Academic Council,

Claeh, Master Program on Health Policy and Management, Latin American Center on Human Economy.
Montevideo, Uruguay. Since 2003.

Member of the Selection Committee,

Biennial Award 2007-08 on Social Medicine, Navarro Viola Foundation. Since 2007.