Academic honors

Prizes, Research Grants and Scholarships Funds to participate in conferences


Miembro del Consejo Ejecutivo y Representante de las Américas en el Consejo Directivo y Tesorero,

Health Systems Global (HSG), desde noviembre 2016

Visiting Researcher,

University of Cape Town – University of Western Cape, Sudáfrica
CHESAI (Collaboration for Health Systems Analysis and Innovation) initiative. March-April 2015

Senior Researcher,

CEDES (Center for the Study of State and Society), Argentina. Since 1999.

Senior Professor,

Industrial Organization. Economics Department, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2011.
Associate Professor, 2009-2011
Assistant Professor, 2005-2009

Latin American Member of the Program Working Group,

Health Systems Global. Fourth World Simposium, 2015.

Academic Co-Coordinator,

Latin-American University of Social Sciences (FLACSO) / Sumar Program, Ministry of Health, Argentina,
Posgraduate Program on Health Management,
December 2014- July 2015

Independient Resercher,

CONICET (National Council of Scientific and Technologica Research), Argentina. Since 2002.

Member of the Program Working Group,

Health Systems Global. Third Symposium, South Africa 2014.

Member of the Editorial Board

Journal “Vaccine”,
Special issue on “Expanding the evidence base to inform vaccine introduction: program costing and costeffectiveness analyses”, 2014.

Member of the Council,

Principal Researcher, Argentina
Latin American Network on Policy Research and Implementation on Health Policies and Systems.
Alliance for Health Systems Research, World Health Organization. Since 2013.

Member of Editorial Committee,

International Journal for Equity in Health. Since 2011

Member of the Executive Council,

International Society for Equity in Health (ISEqH). Since January 2012


International Society for Equity in Health (ISEqH). 2009-2011

Memer of the Executive Council,

Argentine Political Economy Society (AAEP). 2006-2012

Member of Scientific Committee,

Global Symposium on Health System Research. Beijing 2012.

Distintion QuoVadis Health 2012

IX Argentine Conference on Global Health. November 2012.

Member of Scientific Committee,

European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE). 2012

Member of the Editorial Committee,

Global Handbook of Health Economics, University of California at Berkeley. Since 2011

Academic Distinction,

National University of Buenos Aires, President of the Superior Council, 2011

Member of the Latin American Consulting Scientific Committee,

International Society for Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research (ISPOR). Since 2008